• What is HIE?

    Health information exchange (HIE) refers to the policies, procedures, and technology used to share your health information electronically and securely over the internet. HIE is a critical part of making sure your care is safer, more timely, and of higher quality.

  • Who is providing HIE Services in California?

    Two primary groups of health information organizations have emerged in California that implement and offer HIE capabilities to physicians for access to crucial patient data. Hospital systems implement HIE technology within their health systems to electronically share information on patients seen within their facilities. In contrast, Community Health Information Organizations (HIOs) consist of distinct groups of unaffiliated providers sharing patient data across facilities and between providers to benefit patients in a community.

  • How has CHeQ invested in HIE in California?

    CHeQ has distributed grants throughout California to create HIE options for providers that enable your health information to be shared more efficiently. For more information visit the CHeQ website at http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/iphi/programs/cheq/.

  • How do I use this map?

    This map pinpoints the organizations providing HIE services to health care providers in California. The purpose of this map is to learn more about the stages of development, areas served, and services offered by these organizations as of the end of 2013. Click on the markers in your county to find out who is participating in HIE in your area.

Map Description ยป

Information displayed represents a snapshot of HIE activity in California as of December 2013.